I’m Jen,

I have been a people leader for over 13 years leading both small teams and large teams of up to 120 people in recent years. I have first hand experience of understanding how mental ill health can impact an individual in the work environment and have vast experience of effectively supporting individuals to flourish in the workplace.

It is an area of work that is close to my heart and I am passionate in ensuring that line managers are trained to not only spot the signs of mental ill health; but to give them the confidence to be proactive and approach individuals and start that initial conversation which can make a world of difference for that individual team member who is suffering in silence.

My focus is to make workplaces safe places. Where people can talk about their mental health and gain the support they need from their line manager and colleagues without being judged.

I am approved by MHFA England in the delivery of their 2 day, 1 day and 1/2 day Adult programme as well as being an accredited business coach to the highest standard. Please visit the What We Do section to understand how we can help you.