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Flourishing is “a state where people experience positive emotions,
positive psychological functioning and positive social functioning,

most of the time,”

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At Flourish in Mind we provide education and training for the workplace to reduce the stigma around mental health and to create workplaces where individuals can flourish.

We are specialists in delivering mental health training for workplaces. With our corporate background we understand the importance of embedding training so that it continues to deliver tangible results.

Approved by Mental Health First Aid England to deliver a range of their training products along with over 13 years practical experience of being a people leader and an accredited business coach we can support you to make the learning outcomes work for your business in terms of improved people engagement and morale; reduced absence rates; and increased productivity.

Whether it be an MHFA England course; a bespoke workshop or our consultancy services you will find what you need for your business.

We listen to our clients requirements and build a bespoke training package that will address your specific needs while remaining relevant to the size of your company and budget. And will always offer the most cost effective way to do things whether that be in-house training or offering you places on our open courses.

The Four Branches To Wellbeing

The four branches of wellbeing provide a holistic view and approach to employee health and wellbeing.

To flourish in mind these four branches create solid foundations and are core to each and every employee functioning well and enjoying a happy and full life.

We spend a third of our lives at work (Gettysburg College), and as a whole person it simply isn’t possible to completely separate work life from personal life and vice versa.
Every organisation has a responsibility to help their people feel as well as possible in both their personal and work life. This makes for a positive and people focused work environment. A happier workforce creates a more motivated team with fewer ailments and sickness. The people within an organisation become more focussed on their duties and related tasks which not only improves their personal performance but that of the business and all of those who come into contact with the organisation.

The four branches of Flourish in Mind create the ideal framework for a wellbeing strategy which can be implemented with ease to work with the culture of an organisation. From root to tip this approach benefits every individual and organisation.

Mental Wellbeing

For many of us in the workplace right now we have little education about mental health. In the past it wasn’t something that was covered in schools, and unless someone has specifically taken a course to educate themselves, knowledge is often limited.

Social Wellbeing

As humans we are wired for connection. And therefore, social interaction is essential for us to function, and sustain good wellbeing. We are all different and we will each personally have different requirements around social wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is about how we look after our physical self. This is everything from keeping active, to feeding our bodies the right nutrients, through to getting the right amount of sleep. Physical wellbeing has a direct impact on our mental health.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is the peace of mind around financial plans. Some people may not yet be financially stable but with a plan in place they can reach stability. It could be that a person needs plans to realise their financial goals to get them back on track.

What we do

Mental Health First Aid

Fully licensed MHFA England Instructor to deliver in-house or externally to suit your needs

The Better Balance Technique

Designed for those working from home to be more productive in work, but more importantly being able to switch off from work. Helping to create a Better Balance

Bespoke training and packages

Tailor made with additional support to help embed learning and the option of 121 coaching.

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“The course was delivered very thoroughly & was interactive. Jennifer made the group relaxed, was supportive and helped us all open up”


“Loved it! Realised even though I thought I was open and understanding I still had educational misunderstandings about certain disorders”


“Really enjoyable and interesting. It has made me want to learn more and continue learning”