I recently trained as a Happiness Facilitator with The Museum of Happiness. I can now take this new knowledge into the organisations with whom I work and share the skills to develop happiness.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” Dalai Lama

Our brains have evolved to keep us safe. They are always on the look out for danger as a way of protecting us. Which is why it can feel that we are often looking at the darker side of life. This is also where stress and anxiety can be triggered. We therefore have to be proactive around our own happiness. Almost like re-training our brains!

Here are my 5 tips on how employers can help their people flourish and feel happier at work!



1) Education

Help people to understand the things which promote happiness and life satisfaction- and how to practice them. Some ideas of how you can do this are:

Providing information on your wellbeing hub within your intranet site.

Focus weeks at work to educate and engage.

Workshops designed to equip your people with the tools they need to practice themselves- beneficial in all aspects of their life, not just at work.

2) Gratitude- the power of thank you

Gratitude is not just about being thankful for the things you have but thanking those around you. A simple thank you, acknowledging individuals for what they have done can go a long way! It gives them the feel-good factor and feel a sense of achievement and a sense of purpose, as well as being beneficial to your own personal sense of gratitude too!

3) Get to know your people

What they love, their interests, about their family, even their favourite chocolate bar. I have seen first-hand the impact of sending someone their favourite chocolate bar. There’s not just the joy of receiving something in the post, but that you remembered something personal about the individual. This can help trigger feelings of connection associated with the happy hormone oxytocin.







4) Unleash creativity

Creativity can help raise happiness levels in many ways. Doing something you love and enjoy helps us to stay in the moment, distracting us from unhelpful thoughts which can trigger stress and anxiety. Creativity can also help us express ourselves and our emotions which can often be difficult to put into words. There are so many ways you can bring creativity into the workplace whether that be through workshops for your team to bring them together- how about an art lesson or a woodwork session where everyone will create something to take away by the end of the workshop. Or changing the format of some meetings to take a more creative approach.

5) Skill share

Give individuals the opportunity to learn new skills and share existing skills. This is a great way to build relationships. At the same time, you are developing the skillset of individuals, giving them a great sense of achievement. And for those sharing their skill set they are giving to others. Both of which improve our overall sense of wellbeing as well as happiness.


While we share some 5 tips and ideas here to get you started, we always recommend implementing as part of a wellbeing strategy. This allows a measured approach enabling you to understand what really works. This increases impact in the future and in a more cost-efficient way.


If you are unsure where to start with your wellbeing strategy- we can help, it’s what we do!

Jennifer Rawlinson, Director