This week is National Houseplant Week. And after the festive season when the decorations and twinkling lights are down it can feel a little bland. Why not introduce some beautiful vibrant greenery in the form of a living plant and reap a whole load of health benefits in the process!

Here are some of the health benefits of keeping houseplants.

Improve your mood

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature can help us to feel good. We also gain a sense of achievement when are caring for, growing and looking after the plants we keep.

Lower stress and anxiety

Being in nature naturally lowers our stress and anxiety levels. Bringing the outdoors inside helps us to experience the benefits of being out in nature, indoors. I’d never advocate this as a replacement to getting outdoors, or taking breaks in the open air. But indoor plants can boost the natural calm inducing effects of nature while we are inside.

Improve work performance and focus

Plants increase the oxygen levels in the air which helps to improve our mental focus. Studies showed that when people were able to have plants in their workspace, their work performance improved.

Improve air quality

Plants help to absorb toxic substances and research suggests they can also reduce household dust too! They also release water vapour whereby the increased humidity can be beneficial for our skin and also our respiratory health.

For more information on how nature benefits mental health take a look at Mind’s guide here