For many Christmas is the one time taken off work; spent with family and friends; and away from the office. You spend all year looking after your people, so take time this Christmas to look after yourself.
We all know we can hit the gym or start a new healthy diet in January following a little overindulgence. But how do we repair our minds? Prevention is always better than the cure so these top tips will help you stay healthy mentally over Christmas (even if our physical fitness needs a little extra focus in the new year!)
1) Keep hydrated- it sounds simple but the impact is huge. Dehydration can make us feel sluggish, irritable, tired and can make it difficult to concentrate. Also, did you know that water is what keeps our internal organs working effectively so it indirectly ensures our bodies are able to release endorphins- those feel good hormones!
2) Switch off (from social media) and be present- even if only for specific periods of time. The ‘perfect’ social media world is a distortion on reality. And ask yourself- if people have the time to sit and post all Christmas, is it really that perfect? Take time out and be present and in the moment
3) Be kind to others. Always. – you don’t know what others may be going through. Sometimes that smile is just a mask. Believe in manifestation- what you put out to the world, you will get back. Be grateful, present and look after others and yourself
4) Accept imperfection- things are not perfect and can go wrong on any other day of the year so why would Christmas day be any different. The strive for perfection is just not realistic so don’t be disheartened if things don’t go to plan. Embrace them. These are the things that make Christmas memorable in years to come “do you remember when….” Take it in your stride and enjoy
5) Have an escape- even if only for a few moments. Plan where your escape is. For when things are a little overwhelming, or you need to take a moment. It might be the spare bedroom at your aunt’s house. Or even the downstairs loo. But have that safe place sussed out.
Above everything enjoy the time whatever you may be doing and take care of your mind. It can be an incredibly difficult time for many so just remember the festivities of Christmas are temporary and normality will resume soon.